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  • Stephanie Hanouw


Connect to your eternal source to accomplish eternal results.

"In the course of a busy day, there resides many a stranger making the effort to keep their head above water. They work hard to accomplish what seems to be lasting results, but it's all in vain. Their efforts are in vain. Nothing of lasting value comes from the effort they put forth. They are unaware of the need to connect to an eternal source to have eternal results - results that last and have an impact on the lives of others."

"This picture is one of futility that breaks My Father-heart. I call out to them, but they don't heed My voice calling them into the safety and benefits of My fold. They work tirelessly to make the grade - to be acceptable [to someone]. They don't know who."

"I long to be known of them. I long to enrich their lives and their efforts. I long to keep them under and within the confines of My great love. You must spread the news of My great love for them. Tell them of the benefits of intimacy with Me - the benefits of My family [members]." (07/08/2018)

Many times, we overlook those who seem to have it all together, but often they are in the greatest need of the Lord's love and mercy. Don't respond to people by their appearance; respond according to the prompting of the Lord. Reach out.

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