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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Anointing Is Available

"I have told you to ask and expect to receive."

The anointing of God revives the heart and makes the impossible possible. The anointing carries power and authority to the people of God who receive it. Have you received His anointing? It is available to you. Ask for it. It moves mountains when you walk therein. Don't hesitate.

"My anointing is available to those who serve Me. Take note: I have given you permission to ask for My anointing. It will assist you in carrying out My will. I have told you to ask and expect to receive. It was a command then and a command for now. So few take Me at My work. They walk powerless into situations when power is available to them. Ask for My anointing. Trust Me to supply. I am able."

"Keep track of the times you find that I have supplied. See My faithfulness and be encouraged and emboldened by My faithfulness. I am able and willing to show Myself strong and mighty on your behalf. Don't doubt. Trust Me. I stand at the ready to meet the need. Turn to Me and don't be fearful. I am love. I am truth. I am the way to overcome. Let My presence bless your efforts. I have spoken." (10/17/2018)

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