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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Here He Comes!


"Rise up! Rise up! Take the horn of plenty in your hand and go forth into the highways and byways to announce the coming of the Lord. He is near - drawing nearer each day. Make haste; the time is short."

"The King of Glory comes, victorious, with healing in His wings. Break out the timbrel and harp. Make a joyful noise. Your Lord is returning on a white horse. His scepter is in His hand. He comes to rule and reign!"

"Make haste to welcome the King of Kings and Lord of Lords with open arms and an open heart. He is high and lifted up. All will see the glory of His brightness in His coming. Rejoice!" (09/09/2018)

I thought this a very fitting message from the Lord for the 2019 Jewish New Year!

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