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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Humility or Arrogance?

Walk with your Lord in humble obedience.

"Arrogance. An ugly thing when displayed before Me in My children. A haughty spirit doesn't look good on My child."

"Humility. Humility displays the likeness of your Savior Jesus. It is beautiful in My sight. Even the most uncomely child dressed in humility brings a beauty beyond description. Seek to walk in humility before your fellow man. Tried and true ones will always be adorned with humility. It brings pleasure to My heart."

"You are the apple of My eye. Make My joy complete by walking with Me in humble obedience. As Jesus humbled Himself in obedience, so must you. Take My yoke upon you when the way seems too hard. Know that I am with you to help you. Call upon My strength. It's yours for the asking."

"We are partners working together to bring about My kingdom's purposes. I will hold you up each time you seek to humbly obey My commands. I will not leave you struggling alone. I will help you. I am always with you. I will never leave nor forsake you. I love you, Child. Come to Me humbly to boldly commune with your loving Heavenly Father. I wait, anticipating the times you choose to draw near. Come in humble adoration. I'm waiting. Come." (06/05/2023)

The Lord reminds us to search our hearts. What is there? Hopefully, it is beautiful humility. If it isn't, ask Him to restore that beauty into your heart and life. He alone knows how to do marvelous works in blessed, loving ways.

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