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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Jesus the Way-Maker

It isn't a coincidence!

"I am the Waymaker extraordinaire! I make the way for each and every thing I want accomplished. No need to fret. I am the Waymaker in the Red Sea parting, the plan of salvation, changed lives, freed captives, manna.... The list is endless because I am continually making a way for each one who calls upon Me."

"There is nothing that I can not make a way for or bring to pass. Call upon Me. Ask Me to make a way. Then, stand aside and see the salvation of the Lord. See the move of My hand. Do not attribute it to coincidence. I am eager to move on your behalf. Just ask, then rest in My longing to do the best for you!" (09/24/2018)

What precious promises He gives to His children. Were you wondering how you were going to make it? Were you trying to accomplish something seemingly impossible in your own strength? Were you considering to ask the Lord to make a way? He is marvelous and unique with His responses! Let us know what happens in the comments. We want to rejoice and praise the Lord with you.

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