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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Keep Tryst With Your Lord

Jesus, lover of my soul...

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Keep the tryst. It is so important. It brings peace, wisdom, and knowledge to those who will come and meet with Me. It is My great joy to sit with you, walk with you, ride with you. It brings joy to My heart."

"I look forward to our time together. I want to prepare you for what's ahead. I want to share My heart. I want to wrap My arms, strong and protective arms, around you like a mother shelters her child. Receive My love and kindness. I want to carry your burdens. I want to bring solutions to your challenges. I want to show you the way. I want to build with you - security, knowledge of My kingdom, and wondrous things beyond your ability to carry out alone."

"We are a team. We are a team with a purpose and goals: that people will know that I am God, that My kingdom will expand and grow, and that a sin-sick world will know its Savior - Jesus."

"Keep our tryst. Such delight awaits us both. I long for your fellowship and love. It makes Me smile." (08/31/2017)

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