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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Listen for the Lord's Voice

"I have messages for My hurting. hurling-out-of-control world."

"Just listen. Just listen for the voice of your Lord. Do not be distracted by the chaos going on around you. Hear My voice. It may be still, small and quiet, or it may be thunderous. It may be heard within the pages of My word or in the sounds of nature. Just Listen. Expect to hear."

"I am speaking. I have messages for My hurting. hurling-out-of-control world. Listen and obey. Make every effort to share My love to those around you, those that I place in your path. Love them. Share My peace with them. Do not fear. I am with you."

"Take up your cross and follow after Me touching the lives of the lost and dying. You have a part to play in My ordering of events. Follow My lead. You will know the way. I will show you. Trust Me. All that you have learned shall come into play as you follow along beside your Lord. Do not hold back and do not fret. I am in control of all things - even your affairs. You must love and trust. You must make the effort. Rejoice! Your Lord works and walks beside you. Take My hand and follow Me. (03/29/2020)

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