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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Lord, Get Me Outta This Mess!

I asked the Lord, "Lord, how can I get out of this mess? What do I need to do?".

"Take My hand. I will lead you out of the chaos and negativity into the grace and glory of My supernatural Kingdom. I am your help. Move in close to Me. Make the effort. Find the time to dwell in My presence. Know that I love you. I alone can take what's wrong and make it right. Don't try to figure out what it looks like. My ways are beyond your understanding. Just reach out to Me, take My hand, and pursue a closer walk with Me."

"Think on those things that are good and lovely. Don't focus on self. You will only end up with disappointment and heartache. Don't focus on the faults of others - that focus brings the same negative results. Instead, find sources of joy and invest yourself in those things." [What is your picture of a source of joy?]

"Rejoice! Find reasons to rejoice. List them. Feed them. Receive strength from them. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Call upon Me in your time of trouble and I will answer you. Believe that I am for you and not against you. I delight to rescue and save. I am able. With God all things are possible. Just believe. Trust Me. Take My words to heart and embrace them. I love you. I am love. Walk with Me into peace, order and joy. Trust My desire and ability to give you the Kingdom. See Me and you will find everything else you need."

Lord, they will be done on earth (and in my life) as it is in heaven. (08/25/2019)

Do you try to make your own way out of messes you create? Do you think God looks down on you when you ask for His help? That my friend, is 'stink'in think'in'. Your loving Lord waits anxiously for your call. Ask for His help today!

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