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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Lord of All

Follow the lead of your Shepherd.

Who can make the sun to shine?

Who can make the wind to blow?

Who can make the darkness glow?

Jesus. Jesus. Christ the Lord!

Who can bring the dead to life?

Who can calm the deepest strife?

Who can bring the troubled peace?

Jesus. Jesus. Christ the Lord!

Glory to this holy one.

Through Him only, life's begun.

He holds all things within His hands,

In the skies, the seas, the lands.

Glory. Glory. Praise His name.

Glory. Glory. Let praises ring.

Glory. Glory. Praise His name.

Jesus, Lord, and righteous King.

Yes, Lord, You are our righteous King ruling over everything, Every small and big thing is at your command.

"In holiness I watch over My people. I hear their cries for help. I hear their praises raised. I take note of all who call out to Me. I move in accordance with My will for each individual. Each life is unique. Each circumstance is unique. In wisdom I move to meet every need according to My plan."

Trust Me to move in love and wisdom in your life and the lives of others. Make room for My plans to be carried out. I have called you to serve. I equipped you for the task. Receive it gladly. Seving Me is a privilege. Not all are called to serve. Give Me your best and leave the rest to Me."

"I am able to pull all the pieces together. I see the whole picture; you are not able. Simply trust and obey. Follow My lead. As a sheep follows the shepherd's lead, led by his voice, so, too, you will follow well by listening to My voice."

"I know each sheep. I know you - your struggles, your weaknesses, your strengths, your tendencies toward one thing or another, your fears, and uncertainties. I use all of these to work out My will and plans in your life. God forward unafraid. You name is written in My book of life. Serve Me well. Serve Me Well. (12/31/2019)

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