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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Love - Free and Abundant

No act of negligence or wickedness is too bad for My love to conquer.

"Many are the ways My children cry out to Me. I understand each and every heart's cry. No longer do the calls fall on deaf ears. No longer do I require a sacrifice of blood. Jesus has paid the price. He became the sacrifice that would remove the barrier between Me and My loved ones. The price was paid. The sacrifice atoned for each one who would receive it. The way was opened by an enormous act of love."


The Father's love.

My love - great, deep, everlasting, and free to all who call upon it.

Sacrificial love.

The greatest love of all."

"Do you know the love of the Father? My love covers sin - all sin. No act of negligence or wickedness is too bad for My love to conquer. Nothing can keep the victory from My love. Self hinders the acceptance of the love I offer so freely. Unbelief can bar the heart's door, but in the end, love prevails."

"Why do you wait? Why do you hold My love at arms length instead of welcoming it into your heart to bring light and love and victory? I am a loving Father who longs to bless with a love beyond explanation. Why do the heathens rage and the fools scoff? It is FEAR. Fear of the unknown and the influences of darkness. Light and love have entered to make the difference. Grab hold and don't let them go!"

"Life I offer you. Grasp it and hide it in your heart. You will have a continual feast - enough to share with others who will reach out and receive the blessings I offer. Love and light - gifts of your Heavenly Father. Delight My heart and receive My gifts. I present them freely and abundantly. I love you. (04/11/2023)

What a marvelous invitation! What a loving Heavenly Father! What a privilege it is to be known as one of His children! I am grateful! I hope you are, too.

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