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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Make Room for God's Love

God's love is strong and trustworthy, constant and sure.

"Many, many, many. Many are the ways that My love moves in the lives of My children. Many are the times they attribute that love to something other than My tender care. Oh that they would recognize My touch and call to to relationship with Me."

"My great desire is that My children know My love. It is strong and trustworthy, constant and sure. I am not an angry father who withholds goodness from His children. I am love. I am peace. I am supply. I am available. I never sleep or slumber. I am your constant companion."

"Call upon My love, then trust Me to respond. I love you. Go forward into the path I've called you to. Go unafraid, confident in My keeping power and ability to direct. Make room for Me and My love in your day. (05/09/2019)

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