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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Open Invitation to Daughters

"My friend, My love, My daughter of promise, it is always My great pleasure to welcome you into My presence. My joy is made full when you seek the pleasure of My company. You are welcome every time you approach Me. Come and sit near Me. Hear My voice. Learn of Me. Make every effort to seek a set-apart time with Me. Wonders await you. Inspiration awaits you. Come and rejoice in the presence of your Lord."

"I wait with anticipation for you to come. Enjoy My love. Enjoy My presence. I have wonders to share with you - with all who will seek My face. Come humbly. Come often. Come as you are and leave having tasted a bit of Heaven. I am a good Father and welcome My children with open arms. I have treasures to give those who diligently seek Me."

" Oh, Child, you are precious to Me - the apple of My eye. Delight yourself in Me and see wonders you have never even dreamed of. I wait to give. I wait to bless. Come and sit close - in My presence. I am your shepherd and your mighty redeemer. Come and receive in My presence. I love you. You are mine and I am yours. Make My joy full and enter in." (02/01/2022)

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