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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Partnership with the Lord

We have a part to play in God's grand scheme of things!

"Rise up. Meet the day with a smile. Take the hand of your Lord; follow Him through the day attending to those things on His agenda. I have planned and orchestrated the events of this day. Follow Me and see wonders unfold before you."

"We are a team. You have your part to play in My grand scheme of things. Take My hand and learn of Me. Trust. Obey. Make Me the focal point of your day. Keep in step with Me and see lives impacted by the mighty, loving hand of God. I have good in store for My loved ones, unique things suited to each one individually."

"Be a part of those things I am doing in their lives. They need to know that it's My touch, My love that brings that goodness to them. Let them know I love them, and I'm for them. I wait with great anticipation to do them good. It is with great joy that I include you in My plans." (10/18/2020)

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