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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Perpetual, Unconditional Invitation

"Come often. Come regularly.''

"Oh, marvelous wonder that you are, you make My joy full! As you draw close to Me, so I draw close to you."

"No need to beg for an audience with Me. My arms are ever open to welcome you in. You need never hesitate to enter into My presence. Come often. Come regularly. Come anytime. You are always welcome. I bid you, come. My love awaits you."

"Many are the wonders I have to show you. Marvelous, wondrous things you can't even imagine. Come and see. Come and know My heart. I long to share it!" (09/04/2019)

Can you feel the great love of the Lord in this message? His invitation is perpetual and unconditional! Don't hesitate to accept His invitation to enter in and know His loving heart. Stop - even now - and take the time to enjoy His love.

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