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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Seeing All - Knowing All

Keep alert to the enemy's efforts to knock you off course.

"On and on and on it goes. The ways of your Lord never fail. They are sure as the sunrise. Your eternal God is eternally on His throne and aware of everything that goes on in His domain. I hear it all. I see it all. Nothing escapes My notice. I stand ready to defend My own. I am your knight in shining armor. I stand ready and able to order your affairs."

"You need Me. I need you to fulfill the part I've equipped you for in every way necessary. Don't turn to your own understanding. It isn't sufficient. You must walk by faith and trust Me. I have the answers you need. Ask Me for them. Keep a keen ear ready to receive My response. You must know that I am good and that I am for you. If you listen to the lies of the enemy, you will find it hard, very hard, to trust Me."

"Know My words, for they are eternal. They will not and cannot fail you. They are ever current. Know what I have said. Know My ways through My words. Beware of the enemy's attempts to sway you from the absolute truth of My words. You must hide them in your heart, because the enemy will try his many devious ways to steal them from you or twist them into confusion - which is NOT My way."

"Keep alert for the attacks of your enemy, but know that your God is greater. Keep the faith. Pray for more faith. Move in love. Pray for more love. Let the joy of your Lord give you the strength you need. I am with you always. Believe. Obey. Trust. Come to Me and I will give you rest from the battle. I have spoken. (11/21/2019)

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