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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Under Control

"The Lord, God, is on His throne."

The Lord interrupted my thoughts...

"Holy. Holy. Holy. The Lord God almighty is a holy God. Holiness surrounds Him like a cloak. The hem of His garment stretches out around Him impacting the people who come close. His power and love emanate from His royal being. They touch hearts and change lives. The Lord, God, is on His throne. He rules and reigns from His seat high above all other principalities and powers moving in the earth."

"What is your matter? Do you find it hard to believe your mighty God can bring a positive change from it? Do you think it too small or too big? Lift up your eyes and behold the complexity of the heavens. My word spoke it into being - into order. Look up and see the multitude of weather phenomenon. This, also, is controlled by My rule. Realize that all things are under My control."

"Open up your eyes and behold your King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am all you need. I am the Rock of Ages, your strong tower. I have everything under My control. My ways are mysterious to you. You delay your step of faith which will open the doors before you. Believe! What do you have to lose?" (11/09/2022)

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