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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your Assignment

"Do not lean on your own abilities."

" Up in the air, above all the hustle and bustle of humanity, resides the peace and control of your Heavenly Father. Chaos reigns below where mankind strives against the ways of your almighty God. Vain efforts. They don't know the uselessness of their fleshly struggles. I call them to come higher, but they don't hear; they don't respond. How I long to make the difference and bring heavenly solutions, but they will have none of it, none of Me. The time remaining is short. Many will understand too late. Doors of opportunity will have closed and many will realize their fate is sealed."

"Stand up, oh people, tell of God's love and mercy! Make the difference. Declare God's truth. Declare the Gospel's good news: a Savior is available and today is the day of salvation! Speak to those with blind eyes, those with [spiritually] deaf ears. As My child, My ambassador, you carry truth and light. They are powerful solutions to the chaos running rampant in your sphere."

"Do not lean on your own abilities to carry out this assignment. I provide the wisdom, strength, and direction needed for My purposes to be accomplished. I go before you. I go with you. Do not fear. Do not hold back. My glory and presence go with you. Join Me in gathering My lost sheep into the fold. I will lead you to them. Remain faithful." (08/22/2023)

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