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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your Unclaimed Gifts and Blessings

"Open up. Open up. Open up your heart to receive the many blessings I have stored up for you. My storehouse is overloaded with blessings for My children, but so few reach out to receive them. They are hindered by pride and the feelings of unworthiness. Those are ploys of the enemy. Reject both!"

"My love gives. It makes hearts sing with joy and thankfulness. I long to give. Will you reach out and take the blessings I have prepared for you? Will you receive joyfully and thankfully? I have given you examples of giving in My word. I gave 'gifts to men' and My desire to give has not lessened. I gave My son, Jesus - the ultimate gift and blessing. Following My example will bring you joy as well. "

" Do not reject the blessings I have chosen for you. Reach out and receive. It will bring you joy and My joy is your strength. It is a circle. Receive My joy, be blessed, be strengthened, serve and then reach to receive again. My storehouse is full of blessings for you. Receive with joy!" (09/13/2018)

What blessings waiting for you to claim? Have you rejected the wonderful gifts of the Lord because you feel unworthy or you're too proud to humble yourself to receive what you feel you don't deserve - what you haven't "worked" for? Reach out today. The Lord wants to bless you.

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