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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Heads-Up, Children

"Hang onto My hand of love and mercy."

"Hold onto Me with a fierce grip.

Hold onto Me with a fierce grip.

Hold onto Me with a fierce grip."

"The day approaches when you will need a fierce grip. Do not be deceived. The battle will wage strong against you. Take up your sword [God's word] and shield of faith and stand! Stand firm and steadfast. Remember, the name of the Lord is your strong tower, your safe place."

"Place your trust in Me. I am a good, loving father who keeps covenant with His chosen. I am the Alpha and Omega. I, alone, rule and reign. It is MY kingdom that will come and rule in this world. Do not be mislead. I am the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. My will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Take solace in this truth. Let peace overtake any fear or doubt that tries to overrun you. I can not fail. I will not fail. Hang on with a fierce grip to My truth!"

"I love you. You are part of My plan. Trust Me. I am for you not against you. Hang onto My hand of love and mercy. I have spoken." (11/16/2023)

This message came to me after an extended time of worship and intense prayer - warrior prayers in the Spirit, specifically. I knew God was present and that more than likely He would take this opportunity to deliver one of His messages. At first I wasn't sure if it was just for me or one for all His children. A word from Rick Renner (for whom I have much respect) came the next day and its focus made it quite clear to me that this message is one that is for the body of Christ. God doesn't give us "heads-up" messages to scare us but to prepare us. If He has prepared this message for you, too, have peace that He is not surprised by any challenges you may have, and that He has prepared a plan that He will carry out within the trial you face. Hang on with a fierce grip and don't let go!

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