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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Great I AM

He hears. He sees. He knows.

"Up in the highest heaven, the Lord almighty rules and reigns. Nothing - even from the heights - escapes His notice. He sees the sparrow fall. He hears the whispers spoken. He knows the thoughts of every heart. He see. He hears. He knows. He is the Lord, God Almighty, ruler over all heaven and earth. Hear Him when He speaks. See Him when He moves. Take heed, for He knows the hearts of men."

"What is it you want from your Lord? What do you need? He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He holds all things in His hands. He wisely provides for the creature as well as the children of men. He is a loving father extending mercy and grace to those who will receive. Take His hand and be known of Him."

"He calls the names of individuals. Some hear and some will not. Those who hear are known of the Master and are given the privilege to know Him. All things are under His jurisdiction and command. Oh, trust your almighty King. His is the kingdom and the power and the glory for evermore. Amen.

I have spoken these words to you so that you will know the truth and see it set you free."

"Trust your Lord. There is nothing too hard for Him to accomplish. When the time is right, the last piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly into place completing the marvelous plan of the Ultimate Creator. Can you catch the excitement that accompanies that truth - that all things are pre-arranged and fitting together perfectly at each their right time, placed accordingly as the Lord pleases?"

"I am Lord of all. I am in control of all. I love you. Let peace comfort your heart with this truth: I AM." (11/26/2020)

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